Health & Safety

la-clark-2246aAt LA Clark, we are committed to providing the highest levels of health and safety to both are workers and the general public, on any job which we are commissioned. We always fully risk assess all sites we will be working at, using a qualified Health and Safety Executive, to ensure that any job we undertake can be fulfilled in both a safe and efficient manner.

We also employ Safety Consultants to further ensure that any job we are commissioned is undertaken in a safe and secure manner. The safety consultant will also carry out site inspections along with site managers and supervisors, to ensure that all health and safety protocols are being met.

All of our workers are also fully trained for any jobs of which they may be required to do. Our training programme for our workers consists of: Correct machine usage, health and safety awareness, and much more.

We use the latest in traffic management software, Cone9, for all of our jobs where temporary traffic management is required. For information on Cone9, click here.